Oh hey -


X Proud member of Actor's Equity. 

X Recently seen as PIPER in Off Broadway's GIRL GONE: BEFORE A LEAGUE OF THEIR OWN at Actor's Temple in New York City!

X Recently seen as BEBE BENZENHEIMER in A CHORUS LINE at Roxy Regional Theatre





Hey what's up - I am a New York City-based actress, singer, and dancer. I am a Minnesota transplant & ex-collegiate athlete who LOVES the big city. When I'm not on stage or learning sides, I design websites for other actors & am a group fitness instructor. Here are a few fun facts to get to know me!


ONE Nap a Day   

TWO Cups of Coffee  

THREE Years of Collegiate Track & Field 

FOUR Random Metaphors to Describe Something That Will Make Sense Later 

FIVE Workouts a week

SIX Hair Donations to Locks of Love/Wigs 4 Kids   

SEVEN Incredibly Supportive Best Friends 

EIGHT  Pairs of High Heels  

NINE Years of Babysitting 

TEN RANDOM THINGS Hippos, Down Comforters, Lakes, Sushi, Fire Escapes, Rollerblading,  Orange, Sweatpants, Healthy Eating, Working Out to Heavy Metal. 

"I'm not really a video game girl"

"Yeah, you seem like the go outside & play kinda girl"



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